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During our design process, we often uncover ideas useful outside the area in which we are working. Information on these will be
found under our IDEAS tab. As an example:

A 50 Ohm dipole - A new look at this old standard tames it for use with coax, makes it smaller and increases bandwidth. We offer
a simple tweak that you may want to try for yourself.


CYveron - We have implemented this component in two exciting new "tunable" antennas. CYveron D is a shortened 5 band
dipole. CYveron V2 is a small 5 band 2 element beam with a unique "V tail" geometry which offers exceptional front to back.
Both use a modular matching scheme that provides future extension to other frequencies. Link to detailed information from our
products page.

CYdwinder - A unique side mount rotator that increases utilization of any tower. The rotator is the component most prone to
failure in the radio station and the most difficult to maintain, repair and replace. The CYdwinder is designed with reliability and
robustness as a core requirement.


Over 40 years of proven, results oriented, product design experience combined with up to date skill sets supported by an
extensive range of tools offer minimum time to market and maximum return on investment.

If you are looking to design a world class electronic or electromechanical product, we can help. We deliver solid reliable
designs on time and within budget.
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First, take a look at CYveron V2 - our new remotely tuned compact 5 band 2 element beam

We offer this exciting new antenna as one of a series of new smart dipoles, beams and verticals based on our new remotely
tuned dipole. See details on our products page.